About SMHA

Shelley M. Hughes ARCHITECTS, PC is an architecture firm based out of the beautiful mountains of Cloudcroft, 

NM since May of 2013. The firm is actively involved in a variety projects including residential, government, 

commercial, industrial, educational, financial, business, office/warehouse, and live/work projects. 

Relationships with people and place are the most important to our firms design approach. 

How a building relates to its environment is the primary consideration and then how it functions for its inhabitants is the next most important facet of designing architecture. Buildings and environments that inspire, teach, relate and transform our surroundings are necessary.  

We love our beautiful mountains that inspire us to blend in or stand out. Our mountains lend to inspirations in a 

variety of approaches for every project whether it be in the mountain area or in a city near by. 

"God is in the details" Ludwig Mies vander Rohe

Currently in Construction

New Hotel, New Pavilion & New Homes in  Cloudcroft - Cloudcroft, NM

Currently in Construction is a Hotel and 2 homes located in Cloudcroft Proper